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Tuesday, July 24th 2012

3:57 PM

Angel teen porn


Related article: Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 14:58:04 +0900 From: Andrej Koymasky Subject: Dear Eugenio 02----------------------------DEAR EUGENIO by Andrej Koymasky (C) 1999 written on April 30th 1991 translated by the author English text kindly revised by Paul-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"DEAR EUGENIO" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. chubby teen girl porn So, if in your land, religion, family, nude teen photos opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.-----------------------------Chapter TWOSoon after we arrived at the campsite, Alberto and I, under his expert guidance, set up the tent. Then we put all our belongings inside. Afterwards, we gathered firewood and built a hearth for the fire, on which we cooked out first camp dinner. It was delicious. That is, though it was not so well cooked, it seemed delicious, better than the 'haute cuisine Francaise' we were used to at home, because we did it with our own hands. The stream wasn't too far away, which is where we had to go to wash our mess-tins and the pans.A little after dark, we all gathered around the bonfire. We called it the 'stars hour'. Many of the songs we sung were new to me, but it was really beautiful to sit and listen to my companions sing. It was then that I decided I had to learn fast! Everyone and everything was illuminated by the glare of the flames set against the backdrop of darkness. There were pine trees all around us (or were they fir trees?), and above a marvelously starry sky that appeared to be continuously winking at us. The evening teen sex porn models was brought to an end when Don Sergio made us say our prayers, gave us the blessing and ordered us to our tents.Alberto switched the torch and hung it on the back pole."Out with your sleeping bag! You didn't buy the mummy type, right? You bought the cover type with zippers on two sides, right? One like mine, isn't it?" Alberto enquired."Certainly, I followed the list you prepared. It is also red and blue, just like yours." I answered proudly as I removed it out from my rucksack."Good. Because the nights out here get very cold. With this type you can open and make with them into one big sleeping bag for both of us. That way we can be warmer. Here, give me yours, now. So there... you see?"I watched him prepare the double. As soon as he had completed marrying the bags, he started to undress, "Hurry up, Max, it's cold. Undress and slip inside."I got teen lesbians undressed. It was the first time in my life that I had undressed in front of another person and I felt slightly embarrassed."Hurry up!" he urged.I turned towards him and stared with wide eyes - he had taken off everything! Alberto was stark naked! He noticed me looking and smiled. He knew I was embarrassed, he understood."At night it is better to take off everything and to sleep naked. That way my underwear can breath and in the morning they will be dry and smell fresh. The body breathes better during the night, too, open teen pussy if you wear nothing.""Do you sleep naked at home, too?""Sure. Don't you?""No, I wear my pyjamas.""You haven't brought your pyjamas here, I hope!""I did..." I answered, rather shamefully."Oh man! But it is ludicrous! You'll be the laughing stock, if they find out. At the camp with a pyjamas! It would be better for you if you hid them in the bottom of your gay teen boys fucking bag!"He slipped inside the sleeping bag. I finished undressing and, naked as he was and slightly trembling from the cold, slid in next to him. Alberto switched off the torch, and we settled down to a good nights sleep.When I saw him naked, my eyes were drawn to his lower region. I could not help but notice that his member was bigger than mine, and that his groin appeared to have hair. This was the first time I girl teen animal porn had seen another male's penis and I felt somewhat curious. I only threw a quick glance, because it isn't polite to stare at the another person's body. But now, in total darkness, I rather fancied that completely naked body lying within an inch of me, and whose warmth I had begun to pleasurably feel.Then it happened! Something completely new and strange! free teen porn webcam I felt a tingling in my groin and my penis began to harden and rise up. I don't mean that it never happened before, but I had always connected it with the urge to pee. Now, instead, as I emptied myself before entering the tent, it was evident that this time the reason was different. I vaguely understood that it was the thought of the naked body and of the member of my friend.You must understand, my dear Eugenio, that unlike yourself and the majority of the other teenagers, at thirteen I was still completely ignorant about sex. I believe, thinking about it now, that I had had what I now know to be a 'wet dream' before that night. I remember that sometimes in the mornings, I felt the front of my pyjama trousers were dampish and sticky, but I always interpreted that as a slight loss of pee. In fact, I used get out of bed and rush to empty myself. I know that it seems incredible and also very silly, but it was so. I was really naive and in teen titans porn comics the dark about everything. Also with my school friends, sometimes they talked about sex, it was in a vague way and with quips I didn't understand but these things, after all didn't interest me. Anyway, I remember well that that erection gave me something to think about.After a while Alberto asked in a whisper: "Max, are you sleeping?""Not yet.""Do you feel cold?""No, I am all right, now.""Later it will become colder. It's better if we sleep closer, so we can warm each other with our bodies."We drew nearer, our bodies touched and leaned one against the other. I felt an teen kids porn foto agreeable shudder and my penis gave a strong start, more turgid than before. Alberto turned on his side towards me, and I felt his, also hard and erect, brushing against my hip, then pushing against me."Do you feel how hard it is?" Alberto asked me with a giggle.I was feeling it, and pleasurable it was, too! So, without any malice, I answered: "Yes. Mine too is hard.""Really? Let me feel," Before I could do or say anything, his hand swiftly connected with my groin. This sudden contact hit me like a thunderbolt. I blushed, and I remember thanking god that we were in the dark. amateur lesbian teen porn I didn't move nor did I say a word. His warm hand was lightly caressing me, and it was an enormously pleasurable sensation."Max, do you cum?""Where?" I asked, completely unaware."Where? What do you mean, where?""Yes, where do I teen titen porn naked have to come? Where do you want teen porn 04 zoo to go?"Alberto giggled, then took my member inside all of his hand, but without moving it, and asked, "Don't you wank?""Wank?" I asked, asian teen free porn more and more confused."Max, in what world are you living?" he asked and now started to slowly move his hand up and down."What are you doing?" I asked, not alarmed nor pleased."I have your prick in my hand.""I know, I feel it. But what are you doing?""And I moving it up and down.""I feel that!""Therefore I am wanking you. Haven't you ever done it before?""I? No. But what is it for?""Don't you like what I'm doing to you?""No.""It bothers you?""No."Then Alberto, drawing himself up a open teen pussy little, started to caress my chest with his free hand. I shuddered."Do you like how I caress you?""Y... yes, I like it.""And my hand on your prick, do you like it, now?""Yes, it is... it is different. Now it is agreeable... somewhat.""You see? I am wanking you while I caress you. Now the pleasure will increase more and more. You will feel your prick become harder and when the pleasure feeling gets stronger, you will feel all your muscles become tense and your prick will tremble. That means you are about to cum. From your penthouse teen porn prick comes out a white and sweet liquid that is called jism. To cum means that your jism comes out. When you are about to cum, tell me, because I like jism very much and want to drink all of it. Also, that way we won't wet our sleeping bag. When you cum and sprout out your jism, it's called an orgasm, it is very good. Only men can do this wonderful thing. Girls can't! They don't have jism. That's why girls always want the males prick. Do you like it, Max? Don't you like it more and more?"His long monologue was in a low, warm and excited voice, his hands on my body and his penis throbbing and pushing against my side, the warmth of his body against mine; all of that, just served to increase my pleasure and excitement. I let him filipina teen sex continue and fell into a stupor of relaxation and bliss.He asked me again, "You do like it, right?""Yes, it's great. Go on, Alberto, make me... cum...""Yes, sure. And then you'll make me cum, right?""Yes, Alberto. After I'll take your prick in my hand, and I'll... wank you and I will make you cum and orgasm..." I replied panting for the increasing, overwhelming pleasure."And you will drink my jism, won't you?""Is it... is it really sweet?""Yes, it is so tasty. It is the present that a friend makes to his friend. Will you drink it? teen titan porn Will you?""Yes... go on... ah, that's beautiful...""Warn free teen porn tgp me when you are about to cum, understand?""Yes... yes... but how... how will I know?""You'll feel it alright! You'll feel a force inside you,like as if you were about to explode. You'll feel all tense. And then you'll warn me, Max, ok?""Yes... go on... go on..." I urged him, feeling prey to an incredibly strong pleasure. Suddenly, I felt that incredible internal tension, which Alberto had described. This had to be it! All of my muscles went tense and, panting and moaning in ecstacy, I blurted "here... here... I think I... I cum... I'm cumming..."Alberto at once replaced his hand with his mouth, swallowing every inch of me. The sensations I felt became so intense and incredibly strong, that I exploded. I was barely conscious of the fact that Alberto was really drinking all I was producing. For the first time in my life, I experienced an orgasm. It was truly wonderful. Maybe because it was my first time, and I had never done anything like that before, or maybe it was because Alberto was my dearest friend. Everything happened in such a simple, natural and spontaneous way that I enjoyed it without any inhibition, without any problem. I don't know. Anyway it had been fantastic.Afterwards, I did the same to Alberto. I liked to feel his strong member in my grip. I enjoyed caressing his body, I liked to feel him shuddering at my attention. When he warned me he was near cumming, I too dived on him and took it into my mouth. The sensation was so good, and when his seed flooded my mouth in spurts, I drank all that warm liquid cream without any problem. It was not really sweet, but its peculiar taste pleased me. It was the teen titan porn gift of my friend.The problems came later. When I thought more about what normally came from there, I got very worried. Alberto had to busy himself to explain and persuade me that the penis has two uses "Piss is yellow and departs the body as waste. Semen, (or jism, as he called it) is white and milky. This fluid is what makes babies grow." I remember that he also said "Jism is the better part of a male."The problems came when he went on to explain that I could tell no one, for any reason, especially the grown-ups. This was a secret between two special friends. I always told my grandma everything, and I didn't see why this event, that beach teen porn seemed to me so wonderful, had to remain a secret. This would have to be my first secret.At last, Alberto succeeded in persuading me, more or less with this reasoning, "Max, your grandma doesn't always tell you everything, does she? Some things, she keeps for herself. She doesn't tell you, for instance, even if you ask her, how she made love with your grandpa, right? amateur lesbian teen porn And this is natural, because each has his own secrets. And this is ours."Problems came again when, some months later, Don Bernardo told us about the "impure deeds". But when he told us, I had already become so keen on "wanking" that, even if his words somewhat troubled me, I didn't think to stop, not even for a moment.Anyway, Alberto and I continued to play with each other every night of our camping together, and often it was me to start. Later we continued at his home when his mother went out shopping. We always did it in the same way - we reciprocated in masturbation, and we would end up drinking each others seed. What's really funny is that neither of us ever thought about complete oral sex! I stopped doing it with Alberto when school ended after the diploma tests. He was my first and only playmate.I went to the castle with grandma. Of course, I continued to masturbate myself. I learned to always have a handkerchief at hand, so that I could cum in it and not risk wetting anything. I enjoyed doing it a lot. I was growing up and both the free teen porn pictures pleasure I felt and the quantity of seed that I ejaculated increased.In September I enrolled in the Alfieri High School. Grandma also decided I had to attend gym classes to do athletics and fencing. I didn't go to the Parish Youth Club any more and teen harcore porn I was also changing my circle of friends.Alberto was a good teacher. He also explained to me how to make love with girls. So, at high school, I felt attracted to and curious about both boy and girl friends. Not by everyone, of course. I remember in particular that I liked very much Marco, Sergio, Christina and Anna. With the boys, I fancied to do what I did with Alberto, and with the girls that which Alberto had explained. But they were just fantasies, I couldn't for sure ask them to do it. I was aware that about "such things" you don't talk. Also, my sexual fantasies while I masturbated were equally bi teen porn thumbs divided between boys the girls. At least at that time, it was so - half-and-half. Thinking about it now, I can say that I was not really bisexual. Simply, then I didn't have experience of the two genders, except in my fantasies. Anyway at that time I didn't even consider the problem.During the following year, I didn't have any sexual intercourse, except for some light touching with Marco in the showers. He was more developed than I and he bi teen porn thumbs had a wonderful penis. Later, I discovered that he too was gay, but then we skinny teen nudes had such a fear about being caught. We both were afraid being found out, ridiculed and despised so we limited ourselves to showering at the same time and, when and if there was nobody else, to touching and feel each other furtively, until becoming pleasurably aroused. Besides this I engaged in some petting with Monica, another classmate, at a party at her home. I felt her small and firm breasts through her blouse that had just started to develop. She caressed me through my trousers, and I enjoyed it. It became hard, and I remember that afterwards, I threw from time to time a glance to my fly, worried it was too visible.During the teen kids porn foto following Summer at the castle I did a lot of horse riding. More than I ever did before. Besides I always liked riding very much. I discovered that the movements of the saddle under me had the power to give me fantastic erections, so, midway through my ride, when I was sure I was alone in the park, I would dismount my horse, open my trousers' fly and masturbate, spreading my seed on the grass.At the castle we had an ancient spinet, and I learned to play it. Grandma loved to listen to me, especially in the evenings after dinner. I played for her while she was embroidering. Grandma was really skilled in embroidery and clearly liked it very much. It relaxed her. To her death, she had perfect sight, and she embroidered in the evenings, with an artificial light, until it was time to retire."Massimiliano, would you please play yesterday night's 'polonaise' again?""Willingly, meme.""Probably you would prefer to play some rock or jazz, wouldn't you? You are young, after all.""Certainly not with a spinet meme! Rock is not bad. I like Jazz. But I like hearing them more than playing myself. Anyway, the spinet is splendid for ancient music.""Happily, my dear. I'm afraid my ears would rebel. But this is just because I am an old woman. If I had your age, very probably, I wouldn't like old music, and I would go lesbian teens free wild with rock!""You site collegethumbscom teen porn are not old, meme. And I like also classical music.""Two holes for you, my dear!"This of the 'holes' was a usual expression of grandma. It comes from golf, I presume, when she was young and played at Court. I listened attentively and with deep interest when she narrated stories and events of her life in the service of the Queen. They were not necessarily nostalgic tales, grandma always lived the present, but just memories. Some beautiful, some not so. I was always enchanted. She knew how to capture one's illegal teens nude attention in a magisterial way. I remember that, for the two years before her death, each Friday she held her salon. For a boy, or a young man, those meetings would have been a torment, and often they were so, at other salons. Never at grandma's! Each time she invited a group of six or eight people, very homogenous as tastes go but of different ages, or it was homogeneous as age but different as tastes. Without ever being overbearing she knew how to create the right atmosphere.Her Fridays were the highlight of her social life. Everybody was eager to be invited. She created strange alchemy. She put in contact promising youths with affirmed people so that the latter often offered to the first wonderful opportunities, without, or as far as I know, pushing anybody to do it. I think that a few marriages were arranged thanks to her salons, and even a few work contracts chubby teen girl porn were entered into. Her guests were not just the aristocratic, but also industrialists, politicians, artists, men of letters... it was a real mixed bag - and a pleasure."Max, my dear, do not feel compelled to take part in my 'Fridays'. You must feel free to do as you wish.""Certainly, meme, thank you. But I would not miss one of them for all the gold of the world. Ah, do you know, I liked how you put that Attorney General on the ropes, last Friday.""I? Put him on the ropes? But he put himself on the ropes, my dear. He was talking stock phrases, and I just asked him for an explanation." she answered with a stupefied and naive air, apparently, but teen ass thumbs to me that knew her so well, she was amused."But at the end he was terribly ill at ease."Grandma became serious "I don't free teen slut porn like to put people ill at ease, you know it. But much less do I like obtuse people who do evil to others just to show off their power. Mister the Attorney General treats painful cases, at his tribunal, with contempt, a teen amuter porn videos lack of humanity really that is unbelievable. He amuses himself by hurting the most helpless people. When I became aware of that, and teen ass thumbs had the proof, I felt I could not avoid trying to do something. So I invited him, and...""You put him on the ropes!" I concluded, smiling. Then I asked her, "But then, that's why, meme, recently you have become so assiduous at teen ass galleries the tribunal!""Certainly. I did hear voices... incredible. I had to verify in person. I don't like gossip, but that unhappily was not gossip. So... Do you see, my dear Max, when I was at the side of the Queen, I had an effective power to make straight the twisted things I saw around me. And I used it. I always used it. Now that we are a Republic, I don't count any more, as it is right. But I can, therefore I must, still do something for the others. Therefore...""It does not matter about being the best. But if you have skills, you must help the others, right meme?""Perfect, my dear.""One hole for me?""Are you pulling my leg?""I never could dare, duchess!""Good for you, little boy!" she answered and we burst in teen harcore porn laughter.Do you see, Eugenio, this is another interesting point about grandma. To me, as you know, it is site collegethumbscom teen porn somewhat annoying if someone calls me 'Duke'. It is a title of the past that once had a meaning, but no more today. For grandma was different. She lived at Court and yet she was completely detached from it. Different from other aristocrats, she was not at all annoyed that many called her simply 'Mrs Faletti'. But I remember one day when a young man angel teen porn who was her guest at the salon and continuously addressed as 'Mrs Faletti'. At some point he dared to make a sarcastic, absolutely gratuitous, and unfair remark towards her.She reacted with real calm, but with a voice cold like ice, and said: "Dear Doctor, I am not Mrs Faletti, to you, but the duchess Faletti of San Salva. Therefore, as you are my guest, please address me by my title.""But, madam, today that title has no more legal value. It is ridiculous, like if I called you... what can I say... 'Maharani'!""Not more ridiculous than the title of Doctor earned thanks to the pressure of the capital of your family. And you can even call teen sex porn models me Maharani, if that pleases you. But that at least will be enough to show to everybody, and therefore you too, the abyss that separate us, if not on other points, about good manners.""I understand that my presence here is no more welcomed, duchess. I will be off!""Thank you very much, sir."I remember that, afterwards, I asked her why she treated that poor devil with so much hardness and coldness."That poor devil, yes, it is the right term. He is full of arrogance and self-conceit. Did you hear with how much contempt he was talking about the immigrants coming here to find work? I could not asian teen free porn stand that. At first I tried to reason, but when I became aware that he was not interested in understanding skinny teen nudes my reasons, but that he just ridiculed them, I reacted.""You never cared ridicule, meme.""In fact, it is not for that. If he called me Maharani, I would not have been moved one way or the other. And if he were an intelligent person, he would have called me so. It is the contempt towards others, that I cannot stand."Do you see, Eugenio, I am not able not to talk about grandma. She was a too exceptional woman. I really do feel you would have liked each other.Well. In my high school second year, two important things happened, even if there and then, I didn't realize it.As I said, up to that point my sexual experiences were limited to masturbation and seed-drinking with Alberto.I had sensuous dreams of his lips encircling my member, and that of his in mine. These fantasies continued to flutter in my erotic fantasies as something really beautiful. Therefore, I continued to hope I could renew and experience those pleasurable sensations for real. I remember thinking that it might be possible to put my penis in my own mouth. I tried. However and happily, it was and is not possible, at least for the majority, save a contortionist who, for sure, could do it. I say happily, because this encouraged me to look for 'others'. In fact one thing I learned rather early - each of us teen porn gallery 'is' in that he is part of a relation with others, and even more with another (be it a man or a woman). He who isolates himself, simply 'is not'.Besides this common and simple philosophy of mine, I more and more desired physical contact with a partner. Christina, my classmate, organised a party at her villa on the hills, for her fifteen birthday. I naturally went, with all my peers, boys and girls. Her parents arranged things well - a hot and cold buffet, soft drinks of all kinds, and music. We danced in the great hall, which opened onto a lovely garden. The weather was really fine, and while half of us danced in the hall, the remainder mingled in the garden eating, drinking and chatting away. In addition to our school friends, also some of their brothers and sisters attended, so that made about thirty happy and boisterous teenagers in all. Christina's parents, after welcoming us, very discretely left - anyway there were the house staff who, under the pretext of serving, acted as chaperons.I danced with Cristina, Anna, Teresa and Monica, The latter several times. Monica aroused and provoked my penis into a strong erection that she clearly enjoyed feeling against her body. But nothing more happened, I danced one other time with Anna. As we continued to dance, she became aware of my state and looked at me with wide eyes and incredulity.Slightly embarrassed, I whispered: "Hey, I can't help it, I'm sorry. He wakes up when he wants, not when I decide."She looked at me seriously for a while, but then, with a flirtatious smile, asked: "And... did it... wake up for me?""Yes... " I lied, knowing that I was giving her a free teen porn pictures kind of compliment. Anyway, it would have been rude to tell her 'no, but for another girl'. For a while she said nothing but I could feel her pressing against me. She was obviously interested, and how it pulsated!Then, without even looking at me, she whispered: "You could take me to the garden...""To the garden?""Yes... there is a dark corner behind the greenhouse and the tools hut, and there are bushes..."I knew where the greenhouse was. So, trying to play this turn of events indifferently, I accompanied her out in the garden, where we strolled amongst the trees, gradually distancing ourselves from the lighted area and the rest of humanity. Finally, we reached the greenhouse. I glanced in the direction of the building - Ok! nobody could see us!"What do we do now?" I asked, feeling agitated but excited."Come, here behind..."She took my hand and guided me through the bushes, behind the greenhouse. And there she put her hand on my fly, lightly fingering and caressing its contents "He is still awake...?""Sure.""Kiss me, now...!" She commanded.I lightly kissed her on her lips."Not like that, silly boy! A real kiss, like this..."Anna pulled me forward and flung her arms around my neck. Gluing herself to my lips I could feel her tongue trying its best to invade my mouth. Eventually, I parted them to receive it... my first French kiss. Needless to say, he answered at once, pushing through the cloth against her hand that was exploring the same area of my anatomy. I gradually reciprocated by placing my hands on the small of her back and pulling her closer to me with teen porn thumbs a strength I never knew I had.We parted a little, and she began to busy on her blouse buttons. "Open my bra, go on."I slipped one hand under her blouse and felt the light lace of her bra, I rummaged a while but couldn't seem to find the clasp "But, how do you open it?" I asked, ashamedly."Your first time, Max?""Yes...""Are you... a virgin?""A virgin?""You never made love?""No... and you?""A couple of times. But never complete, you know.""Complete?""Yes... well... never all inside, you see? Just brushing there some while. It was great. Do you want to?""To... to brush it there?""Yes. But don't try to push it inside, OK?""No no, for sure!""Promise?""Yes, yes..."She giggled and opened her bra. I gently caressed her mounds, her stomach... it was a strange feeling. Her breasts were small and firm, I felt rather awkward and they were strange in my japanese teen porn movies hands."Suck my tits, go on..." she urged me.'Tits!' Another new word I learned! I was beginning to realise that this 'sex' thing had a whole vocabulary of its own that was completely new to me.I bent forward and cautiously placed my lips on her nipple. I was obviously doing something right as it got hard. It tasted like talcum power. Becoming more confident with every second, I sucked harder and harder. Just about when I thought I had had enough, her hand began exploring inside my free teen slut porn trousers, which really aroused me. I sucked with much more impetus and she emitted a kind of low yelp as her hands got the better of my belt. I tickled her tit with teen porn vidieos one hand, whilst I sucked the other. My other hand caressed her back. What I was doing to her didn't excite me so very much, but her hands inside my trousers, did. She glided her hands gently over the base of my stomach. She caressed me through the light cotton of my shorts. Then her hands slid up my sides, her fingers slipping under the elastic waistband. Anna pulled them gently down. My member gave resistance against the band, then jumped up, free and erect. I remember that I felt the cool air caress it, and my thighs. I could feel her warm hands, one under my testicles, the other around my penis gently manipulating my all. It felt so intense open teen pussy that I shuddered and began to pant. I leaned back from her a little, whilst at the same time pushing forward my pelvis.She looked down between my legs and said in a mild, soothing voice: "It's beautiful... and it's a virgin..." She felt it some more then, looking straight into my eyes, she asked, "Did you wash it?""Wash it?" I was confused."Yes, you wash it, don't you?""Sure, why?""I would like to kiss it... may I?"He answered for me, pulsating strongly. Finally, I thought, lips on my member! She bent down and placed a delicate kiss on its head. Initially, I was somewhat disappointed - is that all? I asked myself. But she continued. Anna gently eased the skin back until she had uncovered all my glans, then darted her tongue out towards the now naked head. It was indeed, explosive to say the least! I wished this heavenly feeling could continue forever and that she would take it all inside her mouth. I wanted to be sucked, badly, but I was too shy to ask her.After a little while, she stood up and placed her lips close to my ear, "Now you touch me, under my panties." She whispered.I guardedly slipped my hand under her skirt and began to explore her inner thigh. I felt her panties soft and silky, but other than that there was nothing! All smooth. It isn't that I didn't know, Alberto explained it all girl teen animal porn to me. But I suppose my subconscious was hoping to find something concrete. Instead, nothing! I lowered her panties and continued to feel around. I could feel her slit and the two small lips on either side. I caressed her there, asian teen free porn but didn't feel myself reacting. When I caressed or seized Alberto's, I felt wonderful emotions. I could feel it throbbing, turgid and firm. Instead, there was just a quiver... an empty hand. I remember thinking of the similarity between her and a doll!Anna seemed to appreciate the way I was touching her. She alluringly whispered, "Put your tongue in there...""There?""Sure. I did it to you, didn't I?"I bent down approached with caution. I remember thinking about the strange smell, like personal hygiene. I passed my tongue up and down the slit and she shuddered all over. I did it again, up and down, and again, up and down. It felt like licking... what can I say... the space between two fingers? A nebulous mouth? It's difficult to explain. It didn't give me a bad feeling, not at all. I was just completely indifferent to it. Alberto's smell, his flesh column throbbing between my lips was much more beautiful.I remember that at a certain point I became aware that my member was softening. I placed my hand between my legs in an effort lesbian teens free wake it up again and, happily, it worked. At that moment I recalled something said about one of my male classmates in the fourth year, and I quote, 'He can do nothing, in front of a girl, if his pecker becomes soft!' Unquote. There was a rumour that he was impotent.Being called impotent was much worse than being called a 'faggot', in a sense. A 'faggot', as far as some of my friends interpreted the word, didn't exactly mean gay (besides, this word was not commonly known then). A faggot to us was an extremely effeminate boy, who took free teen porn pictures it in his rear. You know, like a prostitute, with a subtle difference. It was he who had to pay! Therefore, I never had any doubts on this matter, I, for sure, was not a 'faggot'. Furthermore, I would have been outraged if anyone said that I was impotent.Sorry! Eugenio, I got sidetracked again! As I was saying, my maleness came back to life. After a few more licks, I got rather bored so I put my tongue away and stood up.In an effort to equivocate my intentions, she asked flirtatiously "Do you want to brush it there?"I didn't know how to answer, she took me by teen titan porn surprise, but happily a voice rescued me. Somebody from the villa was calling: "Annaaaa! Anna, where are youuuuu?"She rapidly tidied herself again, and I followed suit in hurry. The voices were approaching."Don't come out!" She commanded. "Wait five minutes! I must go!" she hastily whispered, and ran towards the house. Whilst I was alone, I decided to relieve myself. But as I was about to open my fly again, I heard the voices and laughing which appeared to be coming in my direction."No! I tell you I was alone. How do I know where Max could be? I just drank a little too much and I was afraid of throwing up in front of everyone, so..."Laughter, jokes! To me, this was serious! I frantically looked around for an escape route. The enclosure wall was not too high, but I risked soiling my trousers. I didn't appear to have a choice so I climbed, fast! It was easier than I first thought. I fell on the other side into a narrow, dirty road just as I heard the voices coming from the very spot I had occupied some seconds before. 'Phew!' I thought. 'That was close!' It wasn't until later that I realised how fortunate I was, in that I had no beach teen porn idea what was on the other side of the wall.I remained deadly still and held my breath. It was Stefano's voice "Hm! Nobody. Where has he got to?"Anna's japanese teen porn videos voice (relieved): "You really are fathead! I told you I was alone!"The voices then faded into the distance. Now what was I to do? Climb back over the wall? Go around to the front of the villa and ring the bell? I could hear them. They were calling my name, searching for me. I decided to go on a reconnaissance, hoping I would find an easy entry point. I turned around the enceinte wall corner. From the outside the wall was taller than it was from the inside, far too difficult to climb. On the other side the wall died against the villa's building. There was a door, however, almost surely a service door and looked for sure, I thought. I tried turning the handle - I was right! As I was about continuing my recce, I heard a key turning in the door on the other side. I hid around the corner just as the door opened. Voices."What time do you think they will go home?""The master said around eleven.""That means at least midnight or one o' clock.""Careful! You spill it on me!"I peeped around the corner. Two shadows carrying a big dustbin, entered the night air. From the open door I could see a ray of light. I moved stealthily on tiptoe, and quietly entered behind them. I was in a short corridor. At its end was an open door giving way to the kitchen. I entered - nobody. From the kitchen I went into a kind of lobby. Behind another door, the hall. I opened it and peeped inside. There were Teresio who, if lesbian teens free I remember well, was flirting with Marco's sister. They didn't see me. From the garden I heard voices ceaselessly calling me.On tiptoe, I moved behind the cabinet piano and secreted free teen porn moives myself behind a velvet curtain, I waited a few moments, then made my entry making a noise so that I would be noticed and saying aloud, "What dummies! Is it possible that nobody thought to look behind the curtains? It is the most simple place to hide!"The two on the sofa parted with a start, and the girl hastily tidied herself, blushing. Teresio smiled me, hesitantly, "Shithead, you scared me!" then he added at low voice: "You'll say nothing to Marco, will you?""Don't worry, dumbass!" I replied and from the door leading to the garden I shouted: "Hey, who are you looking for?"I remember the stupefied look on Anna's. The rest, has no story.-----------------------------CONTINUES IN PART 3-----------------------------In my home page I've put some teen reality porn of my stories. If someone wants to read them, the URL ishttp://www.geocities.com/~andrejkoymasky/If you want to send me feed-back, please e-mail atandrejkoymaskygeocities.com---------------------------
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